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Youth Criminal Justice Act

Youth Criminal Justice Act When individuals under the age of 18 are charged with criminal offences, the prosecution of the matter is governed by the Youth Criminal Justice Act ("YCJA"). The YCJA imposes many different rules on the criminal process and it is imperative that you hire a lawyer who is well-versed in this area and who conducts youth defences frequently.

While many lawyers view youth matters as less serious because youth records are supposed to be "sealed," our firm does not view the YCJA as a shield for our clients. Rather, we know that all too often such plea strategies often result in permanent criminal records due to indiscretions committed later in life. At Sitar & Milczarek, we offer passionate and vigorous defence strategies to our youth clients, often resulting in charges against our clients being stayed or withdrawn.

  • It is a criminal offence under s.110 of the YCJA to reveal any information if it would identify a young person as someone having been dealt with under the YCJA. As such and due to our commitment to client confidentiality, Sitar & Milczarek does not list any specific case examples on our website.