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Unbundled Services for Unrepresented Accused

Unbundled Services for Unrepresented AccusedCharged with a criminal offence?

Denied Legal Aid coverage?

Need advice on how to proceed?

Call Sitar & Milczarek now.

Our lawyers understand that, in today’s economy, many individuals are struggling to make ends meet. Given the inadequate funding provided for Legal Aid Alberta, criteria for coverage are being applied more stringently and many deserving Albertans are forced to face the full power of the state without legal representation.

If you have been denied Legal Aid but cannot afford to retain a lawyer to represent you in court, we can help. In furtherance of our commitment to access to justice, Sitar & Milczarek is pleased to offer unbundled legal services on criminal and quasi-criminal matters. You tell us the help you need, and we will assist you in best preparing to represent yourself.

Our unbundled services can include:

  • Case Assessments
  • Adjournments in Court
  • Preparation of Required Paperwork for a Notice of Application pursuant to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Written Legal Argument
  • Plea Negotiation (Early Case Resolution meeting)
  • Ongoing Trial Support/Mentorship

Let us help you achieve the best result possible in your matter. Call us today.