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Serious Violent Offences

Serious Violent OffencesSerious violent offences carry an especially high degree of jeopardy for accused individuals. Most of these offences are ordinarily punishable by lengthy penitentiary terms and may be punishable by life imprisonment.

Recent changes to the Dangerous Offender provisions of the Criminal Code have made it much easier for the Crown to seek the indeterminate detention of individuals convicted of these types of offences. Also, the frequency of the Crown bringing Dangerous Offender applications has been increasing in recent years. Therefore, it is more important than ever for an accused person to defend against convictions for serious violent offences in every instance.

At Sitar & Milczarek, our lawyers recognize the serious jeopardy faced by clients charged with serious violent offences. We have experience in preparing and conducting the most serious types of cases, including murder and dangerous offender applications. As a firm, we are uniquely capable of handling the large volume of disclosure and complex legal arguments necessary in these types of cases without hiring outside lawyers.

Some examples of successes of our firm in this area include:

  • R. v. R.S. – at preliminary inquiry, charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder were dismissed; instead, client was committed to stand trial on charges of accessory after the fact and carrying a concealed weapon.
  • R. v. D.C. - following a 4 week trial on first-degree murder involving the Mr. Big investigative technique, obtained an acquittal for murder, but a conviction for manslaughter
  • R. v. B.Y. - in a first-degree murder case involving the Mr. Big investigative technique, negotiated and obtained a conviction for manslaughter avoiding an automatic life sentence
  • R. v. D.R. – after several days of evidence before a jury, involving vigorous cross-examination of the complainant and a medical expert, the Crown Attorney stayed charges of sexual assault and assault causing bodily harm.
  • R. v. C.Q. – after a lengthy trial, client was acquitted of committing two home invasion robberies with a handgun.