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Fraud, Theft & White-Collar Crime

Fraud, Theft & White-Collar CrimeFraud and "white-collar crime" offences are some of the most challenging charges to defend. Disclosure is technical and voluminous and requires the skills of an attorney with experience in managing files of this complexity and magnitude.

Successful defence of fraud and theft allegations require a lawyer who is committed to your case and is willing to spend the substantial time and resources required to properly prepare for this type of trial. At Sitar & Milczarek, with three counsel committed to your representation, we can devote whatever time is necessary to analyze every piece of evidence relating to your matter. Our lawyers are experienced in reviewing the type of evidence adduced in these trials – as well as the search warrants and production orders often utilized to obtain this evidence.

Some examples of the types of cases routinely handled by our office include:

  • "Ponzi scheme" fraud allegations
  • Corporate fraud allegations
  • Allegations of theft/fraud made by employers against employees

Please note: no example cases are provided due our commitment to client confidentiality as many of these cases involve a significant amount of publicity and media coverage.