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Domestic Assault

Domestica AssaultWhen allegations of violence are made within a domestic context (family or dating relationships) in Calgary, individuals are forced to have their case heard in Domestic Court. Having your case in this courtroom means facing a prosecutorial team of specialized Crown Attorneys, social workers and police officers. It is imperative that you hire counsel who deals with criminal domestic matters frequently and knows how to best represent you in this unique courtroom.

Furthermore, domestic violence charges almost always involve additional complicating factors not present in ordinary criminal cases. For example, if there are children of the relationship, difficult custody and access issues frequently go hand-in-hand with domestic criminal charges. Even if there are no children, access to and division of property (such as bank accounts, homes, etc.) often become as important to clients as their criminal representation. Sitar & Milczarek works closely with several family lawyers in Calgary to ensure you obtain the best assistance possible and to minimize the impact of your criminal proceeding on your ongoing family situation.

At Sitar & Milczarek, our lawyers have been successfully defending individuals facing allegations of domestic violence since they were in law school. This extensive experience ensures you will get the best representation possible.

Some examples of successes of our firm in this area include:

  • R. v. L.C. - obtained a stay of proceedings on the day of trial in a case of aggravated assault which involved a significant facial knife injury to the complainant
  • R. v. D.R. – after several days of evidence before a jury involving vigorous cross-examination of the complainant and a medical expert, the Crown Attorney stayed all charges against the client (which included charges of sexual assault and assault causing bodily harm)
  • R. v. S.J. - acquittal on all charges following a trial in a case involving charges of forcible confinement and assault causing bodily harm