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Civil Lawsuits

Civil LawsuitsArrests and detention in the criminal context can often lead to injuries obtained from police officers, violations of a person's rights, injuries obtained while incarcerated due to the negligence of correctional staff. While the criminal trial process very often does not involve compensation for those falsely accused or improperly treated, civil litigation can result in financial recovery from state authorities.

Our lawyers provide services focused in the area of lawsuits against police and jail authorities. This is an area often neglected by mainstream civil litigators, such as personal injury firms. Our firm focuses on cases against the police and jail authorities because of a belief that, despite successful defences of clients in criminal court, there should be other consequences for police officers and authorities if our clients are mistreated, injured or their Charter rights are flagrantly breached.

Sitar & Milczarek proudly pursues many of these cases on behalf of our clients after the conclusion of their criminal matters. As well, we often use the criminal defence process to develop a record for subsequent civil litigation, ensuring that the police cannot change their story once a civil lawsuit is filed.

Give yourself the option of possibly obtaining financial compensation for abuses you have suffered at the hands of the authorities and for violations of your Charter rights – speak with the lawyers at Sitar & Milczarek today.

  • NOTE: Unlike criminal litigation, successful civil litigation most often involves settlement of lawsuits by negotiated payment and settlement agreements that involve confidentiality regarding the terms of the settlement. Consequently, we cannot share the successes we have had in this area on this website.