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The partners at Sitar & Milczarek, one of Calgary's leading criminal defence firms, proudly provide comprehensive services to clients who have found themselves interacting with law enforcement. We are known for the excellent quality of our legal research and writing as wells as our vigorous courtroom representation.

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Our lawyers regularly appear at all levels of court in the Province of Alberta and have also conducted cases in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Trial & Appellate Work

Regardless of the charges you face, Sitar & Milczarek can help. We are uniquely capable of assisting clients through all possible aspects of their case – from arrest to bail to trial to lawsuits against law enforcement officials and recovering property seized by the State. We take great pride in our reputation of providing vigorous defences for all of our clients at every stage of the criminal process:

Bail Hearings

One of the most important parts of the criminal process, our firm has an exceptional track record in achieving release from custody pending trial for our clients. In fact, the vast majority of our clients are released on bail into the community to await their trials.


Our lawyers are known for their meticulous preparation and fearless representation of their clients at trial. Our legal knowledge, litigation skills, and innovative trial strategies lead to effective defences being presented for each and every one of our clients.

Civil Lawsuits

If our client's rights are infringed during their interactions with law enforcement, Sitar & Milczarek is able to assist with lawsuits against police and/or correctional authorities. Knowing that a civil suit may be launched, our lawyers conduct their criminal trials with this future litigation in mind. We always structure cross-examinations so that, while they are relevant to the criminal trial, they will also assist our client with their subsequent civil lawsuit.

Civil Forfeiture

Regardless of whether criminal charges are laid or whether criminal convictions are obtained, it is possible that the Alberta government may seek assets and/or property for civil forfeiture. With a practice encompassing both criminal and civil litigation, Sitar & Milczarek is uniquely equipped to assist clients whose property is restrained pursuant to the Victims Restitution and Compensation Payment Act.

For more detailed information regarding our firm, please explore this site to become familiar with our lawyers Kelsey Sitar and Pawel Milczarek and our areas of practice. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Due to our ongoing commitment to client confidentiality, you will not find case extracts or our reported decisions on this website. However, you will find some of our reported decisions if you search through this publicly available free service: https://www.canlii.org/en/

We are proud to offer three new types of legal services to our various clients:

Unbundled Legal Services for Unrepresented Accused

In today's economy and due to Legal Aid cutbacks, many people are unable to obtain a lawyer to assist them with criminal charges. If you cannot afford a lawyer to represent you in court, we can help by unbundling our legal services so that you can obtain only the legal product you need at a lower cost that full representation. Click here for more information

Legal Services for Lawyers

If your practice is too busy to research and write a complex legal argument or your calendar has suddenly filled up to the point you are not sure you will be able to meet all of your obligations, do not stress - we can help. Our firm has experience helping other lawyers with these issues and we are now offering these services on a contract basis. Unlike other service providers, none of our work is outsourced - it is all completed by our lawyers, in our office, in full accordance with our high standards. Click here for more information

Our services are also available in Polish

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